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Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers for a great season



The Cross Country Snow Drifters Snowmobile Club was formed in 1993 and averages 55 Club Members per year.  The Club's main objective is to supply and maintain a groomed trail linking towns together to help promote local businesses. The trail consists of 170 miles and links Fannystelle, Headingley, Oak Bluff, La Salle, Domain, St. Agathe,  Brunkild, Springstein, and Elm Creek.

When first started the club had its trails custom groomed for the first 5 years. In 1998 the Club purchased its first groomer, a S.U. 302 Bombardier and an 8 foot x 16 foot drag. It has since been sold.

In 2000 the Club decided to upgrade to a 1994 BR 400 Bombardier with a Rotax blade, 66 inch tracks and a custom built 12 foot gooseneck drag.  

This Groomer has since been sold.

In March of 2004 we upgraded to a 2000 Bombardier BR 400 Plus Groomer and retained our custom built 12 foot gooseneck drag.

In November 2012 a new 2013 Bombardier BR 350 Groomer was purchased and is used at present.

The Club holds meetings the first Wednesday of each month from October 
to April of each year and we are always looking for new club members.

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